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Business Services

TH - Tourico Holidays Tourico Holidays is a global wholesale travel provider offering a global inventory of over 56,000 merchant hotel agreements, cruises, flights, vacation package, car rental, attractions and transfers to clients in over 100 countries Read More »
OMB - 1MinuteBooking Launched in 2000, the website now services more than 4,000 North American agents, making it the largest online site of its kind... Read More »

Consumer Services

The premier online website for providing last minute prices on a variety of travel products... all in advance. Read More »
LMTC - Last Minute Travel Club America's first travel price club. This members-only travel club provides savings of up to 65 percent on each hotel booking. Read More »
ECT - Easy Click Travel A superstore of travel discounts for bargain shoppers. Travel is all about having fun, and makes it fun to simply shop for travel. Read More »
LMC - Last Minute Cruises The leading online website for cruise travel featuring unbelievable cruise deals to more than 31 destinations worldwide. Read More »


Travel Global Systems (TGS), headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel with a wing in Romania, focuses on providing innovative and affordable travel technology solutions for Travel Holdings, Inc.'s brands and its partners. TGS was established in 2002, and provides B2B and B2C software solutions for handling large volume transactions and reservations within the travel industry.nsactions and reservations within the travel industry and reserva Read More »