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The innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that founded Tourico Holidays can be found pulsing through every corner of our Executive Management still today.

Uri Argov - President and CEO, Member of Board of Directors.

Uri Argov

CEO, Member of Board of Directors

Uri Argov founded Tourico Holidays with his wife, Miriam, in July 1994.

Asi Ginio - Chief Operating Officer.

Asi Ginio

Chief Operating Officer, Member of Board of Directors

Established the Tourico Holidays’ Product Development Department.

Ofir Cohen - Exec. Vice Pres. of Strategic Development.

Ofir Cohen

EVP of Strategic Development

Create and direct the company’s comprehensive group operations across all channels.

Wendy E. Friedberg - Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Administration.

Wendy E. Friedberg

Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Administration

Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary at Tourico Holidays since 2004.

Oren Hadar - Chief Exec. Off. of Travel Global Systems (TGS).

Oren Hadar

CEO of Travel Global Systems (TGS)

Oren heads up the technology division for Travel Holdings, Inc.

Amir Kalmar - EVP Global Strategic Development.

Amir Kalmar

Executive Consultant

Joined Tourico Holidays in 1996 as the sixth employee of the Company.

Michael Mcintyre

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer as of 2014, joined Travel Holdings in 2009.

Isar Meitis - President & General Manager of E-commerce, LMT.

Isar Meitis

President & General Manager of E-commerce, LMT

Has been leading Tourico Holidays E-Commerce business since he joined the company in 2011.

Dermot Quigley - EVP Global Product Development.

Dermot Quigley

EVP of PRB Development & Product Integration

Responsible for the strategic development of the company’s high value product negotiations, including risk agreements and global commercial contracts.

Stephen Skidgel - Executive Vice President of Operations.

Stephen Skidgel

EVP of Global Product Development

Oversees the development of our global product at Travel Holdings.

Jason Soss - Pres. of Global Bus. Dev. or Travel Holdings, Inc.

Jason Soss

President of Global Business Development for Travel Holdings, Inc. & Co-Founder LMT.com

Responsible for analyzing all new business opportunities, developing new market initiatives, and managing Travel Holdings largest partnerships.

Lauren Volcheff

Lauren Volcheff

EVP of Global Sales and Marketing

Oversees the international sales team and sales strategies for the company.