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Last Minute Travel Launches New Mobile Application Offering Agent-Level Prices to Leisure Travelers.

New LMT App Gives Users Access to Agent Pricing on Hotels, Flights, Vacation Homes, and Activities Around the World. - March 24, 2014
Last Minute Travel Launches New Mobile Application Offering Agent-Level Prices to Leisure Travelers.

ORLANDO – March 24, 2014 – Last Minute Travel, a leader in last minute travel deals on hotels, flights, car rentals, and other travel products, today announced that it has released a free mobile application that enables its users to access agent-level travel prices from their iPhones or iOS tablets.  For the first time, consumer travelers can now access a broad selection of travel inventory at bulk-rate travel prices – as if they were their own travel agent.

“This app provides the same inventory and the same pricing that many travel agents would see when making bookings on behalf of their clients,” said Isar Meitis, President of Last Minute Travel.  “It exposes a level of data and pricing that previously hasn’t been available to consumers. Now everyday travelers can serve as their own agent and avoid any pricing markups or service fees when booking their reservations.”

Using the Last Minute Travel app, travelers can access flights from more than 175 carriers around the world, more than 100,000 hotels in over 150 countries, nearly 20,000 vacation homes, and approximately 10,000 activities and transfers.  App users also never need to “negotiate” a price, and they’re not left guessing about the travel product they’ve purchased – like most “opaque” travel applications.

“This app is unique from other mobile travel offerings like HotelTonight or VeryLastRoom because it’s not offering distressed inventory – and it’s not putting you in a situation where you’re bidding or negotiating a price,” Isar said.  “The prices available through the Last Minute Travel app are agent rates that are available anytime, and anywhere in the world.  Whether you’re making same-day reservations, or booking months in advance, the app can help you access a deep inventory of options at agent prices – and book it immediately. It eliminates all of the hassle and guessing that travelers hate about the negotiated or opaque models – and ultimately helps the traveler cut to the chase on price.”

Last Minute Travel app users will find hotels available at up to 60% off – regardless of when it is booked – searchable using filters such as star rating, reviews, location and price. LMT app users will also find a broad selection of deeply discounted vacation homes and activities. Users can currently select between 23 different categories of activities – anything from boat tours, to theme parks, to sporting events.

Last Minute Travel will be releasing an Android version of the app in late Spring 2014.  To download the iOS version of the Last Minute Travel app, please visit:

About Last Minute Travel

Last Minute Travel, a subsidiary of Travel Holdings, Inc., is a leading global travel distribution company that contracts directly with travel providers, such as hotel, cruise lines, attractions, ground transportation and more. Last Minute Travel works on a high-volume, wholesale model to broker this inventory to over 4,600 clients in 153 countries using proprietary technology.

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