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Tourico Holidays Innovates Technology to Predict and Prepare for Emerging Markets.

New Business Intelligence Software Provides Insight into Travel Destination Growth and Trends. - May 12, 2014
Tourico Holidays Innovates Technology to Predict and Prepare for Emerging Markets.

ORLANDO, Fla. – May 12, 2014 – Tourico Holidays, a global leader in wholesale travel brokerage, today announced that it has innovated business intelligence software that can predict the future demand for a variety of travel destinations around the globe.  Tourico’s predictive analytic software is engineered to aggregate and process large volumes of travel search and booking data, and provide unique insight into the changing travel landscape – allowing the organization to more effectively manage fluctuating markets.

Using its proprietary business intelligence software, Tourico Holidays is able to preemptively react to future spikes in demand.  If demand for a specific city, state, or country is on the rise, Tourico is able to quickly respond by generating contracts with new suppliers – or expanding existing relationships – ensuring it always has the inventory available to meet demand.  Since the company buys its inventory in bulk, typically years in advance, it is able to adjust supply as the demand shifts.

“The utilization of innovative technology has always been part of our DNA,” said Asi Ginio, Chief Operating Officer for Tourico Holidays.  “Our BI technology not only offers a glimpse into our past operations – providing an important historical context – but it also enables us to effectively predict future fluctuations in key markets – so we can stay in front of them.” 

Tourico Holidays offers travel products on a high-volume, wholesale model to clients in 100 countries – including Turkey, U.K., Spain, Argentina, Japan, and Canada, which are chiefly responsible for the recent 114% increase in U.S. destination searches. According to Tourico’s most recent data, there’s evidence of growing demand for travel to destinations like Connecticut, which was the target of 4 million more searches than last year – an increase of 38% – and ran a 20% increase in lodging revenue from 2012 to 2013.

“We have an amazing collection of hotel partners who we can rely on to help us meet the growing demand in markets like Connecticut,” said Ginio. “With direct connects and an industry-best 97% sync rate with top hotel brands – including Hilton, IHG, Hyatt, and Wyndham – we will continue to meet the demand from our growing international client base.”

About Tourico Holidays

Tourico Holidays celebrates its 20th year in business as a leading global travel distribution company that contracts directly with travel providers, such as hotel, cruise lines, attractions, vacation homes, airlines, ground transportation and more. Tourico Holidays works on a high-volume, wholesale model to broker this inventory to over 4,900 clients in 100 countries using proprietary technology.

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